Valverde's finish outside the box was BEAUTIFUL!

DailyTrends/November 02, 2022

The most crucial position in football is goalkeeper. They have the power to end a game by blocking a goal or a penalty kick. Not many, though, are as well-known as Hugo Lloris, Manuel Neuer,

or Iker Casillas. That's because some keepers lack the charm necessary to hold the attention of television viewers. Victor Valdes of Real Madrid is a prime example,

He is a superb custodian, but no one is aware of his identity. Star athletes who aren't as well-known as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo experience the same problem. The issue with Victor Valds is that people don't realise how good he is; they just know that Real Madrid supporters don't like him very much.,

Ramos and Casillas are widely recognised as two of the greatest goalkeepers in history. They have broken records for the most appearances and playing time while winning every major award,

Valverde is the best player

When Real Madrid traded Casillas to Porto in 2011, they weren't pleased. They nevertheless continued to list Valds on their roster,

When he stays on the squad despite having low popularity ratings, it demonstrates how wonderful he is. Anzalda, who oversaw Real Madrid at the time, commended Valverde for making the crucial save against Barcelona in the Spanish league playoffs,


He also praised him for aiding his group in the Copa del Rey triumph. All of this simply serves to highlight Valverde's skill as a goalie and the fact that the general public tends to ignore him.,

When Valds was a member of Real Madrid, he contributed to the team's numerous accolades. He won the 2002 World Cup and Golden Glove while representing Spain. He also assisted Real Madrid in winning the Champions League in 2002 and 2003,

as well as the La Liga thrice. Even though his post-game remarks were usually uninspiring, this one was noteworthy: "I'm delighted with how I performed but sorry because we lost." This demonstrates that Valverde still merits accolades when his team succeeds, despite not being particularly entertaining to watch,

In fact, several people commented on how composed he appeared after his club defeated Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final the previous year.,

Unfortunately, a lot of Real Madrid supporters are unaware of Valverde's strained relationship with the club's hierarchy. Everyone anticipated Casillas to retire after Real Madrid won La Liga in 2012–13, giving Valds another chance to lead Real Madrid. After only eight years at Real Madrid, however, president Florentino Perez believed that Casillas was more significant than Valds and moved him to Porto for 15 million euros,

The best player in the world - Fede Valverde.

This demonstrates unequivocally that Perez does not value Valverde enough to give him a starting position, yet he is nonetheless let go after just six months on the squad. Perez will go to whatever lengths to get rid of a player he determines isn't talented enough to play for Real Madrid, even if it means giving up on La Liga completely.,

Victor Vald's diving save against Barcelona was undoubtedly stunning in its own right, as Anzalda remarked. It demonstrated both his goalkeeping prowess and his composure in loss,

Don't be deceived by the purple patch Last year, Valverde had these statistics.

When it comes to leading Spain's national team, Victor Valds doesn't have time for controversy or uncertainty since he has Casillas and Ramos on either side of him. Sadly,

given how talented he is, his low popularity prevents many people from appreciating his excellence as a person or a player.,

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