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The comic book industry, valued at $1.28 billion in 2020, is experiencing significant growth. With the global interactive media market projected to reach $122.44 billion by 2025, Intera is uniquely positioned to seize this market opportunity and cater to the ever-evolving needs of the industry and its audiences.

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A page from a graphic novel, Brutal, human fighters and robot commanders eye to eye, showing tense duel atmosphere red light, dark fantasy, graphic novel, color, vivid, high detail, 8k, high detail, cinematic footage, 8k, hd , high detail, high quality, close-up, close-up, comic storyboard

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 3

Exact similar comic book illustration. 1000 dpi

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 4

empty town fortnight battle. style comic, sketch, subdued colors. 6 panes. gun fire, sniper, action scenes, jumping.

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 5

A comic book image

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 6

design a comic book cartoon image of a caucasian 11 year old male in a classroom looking over a 9-year-old african male shoulder, watching him draw out his artwork, the 9 year old is wearing a red jumpsuit, and his hair resembling Takal Molson, COMIC BOOK CARTOON IMAGE046802

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 7

one page of a comic, weird, strange

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 8


comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 9

a comic strip of a handsome man entering his new apartment, He is going up the stairs, opens the apartment door, we get to see his room: a small cozy attic with big windows with views of the city, inspired by this style

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 10

pixar comic 6 panel, Karle learns more about Mask, the enigmatic CEO of ROBO, and his diabolical plans for Earth and Mars, the resistance sets up a secret base where they can strategize and plan their next moves.

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 11

listening to dad graphic novel minecraft style showing 13 year boy following directions in the morning

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 12

drawing comic Cartoon ultrarealistic of a father advising a son

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 13

listening to mum graphic novel minecraft style showing 13 year boy following directions in the morning

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 14

listening to dad graphic novel minecraft style showing 13 year boy following directions in the morning

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 15

comic style, a school student boy asking his father to turn off TV who is holding a remote control in his hand

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 16

Children's book illustration, excited little boy telling a story to his father

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 17

a cute Hispanic little seven-year-old boy wearing blue t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans, and his father; a handsome twenty-one-year-old man, sitting on a sofa, eating pizza, and looking at television. seed 140415143

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 18

hand holding a comic book about science, 2D illustration, white background

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 19

a close up of a comic book laying on a table, the pages are turning

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 20

comic book background

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 21

Create a comic book-style narrative exploring the story of a group of street artists fighting against an alien invasion, featuring dynamic action sequences and unexpected twists. --upbeta --q 2 --s 750 --v 5.1

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 22

Parallel Experiment, comic book style

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 23

close up of a gun firing, in the street, art by asaf hanuka

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 24

comic buliding usa--v5

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 25

hand holding a newspaper, comics style --s 750 --q 2

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 26

create a background for Instagram news post

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 27

A person holding a funeral program with trembling hands, Vintage Comic Style, crisp lines, crisp outlines, sketches, colorized, comic book noir, contour hatching

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 28

comic aesthetic hands holding big blank newspaper.

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 29

people pointing to the sky, superman style 2-D comic book art style with a city landscape in the background. --v 5.1

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 30

comic book scene, close up one hand holding a phone, 2d pixar style --iw 0.5 --v 5.1

comic-book-prompts-in-midjourney 31

draw a comic strip so I don't have to --ar 3:2

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